Houghton County MI Subdivisions


Profiles for 16 County Subdivisions in Houghton County Michigan

There are 1,573 county subdivisions in Michigan known as minor civil divisions (MCDs).  There are 1,123 townships and 117 charter townships which are all actively functioning governmental units.  Townships are the original units of government formed in the state. Typically, though not always, townships are 36 square miles in size.  Each township is governed by a board of trustees consisting of the township supervisor, township clerk, township treasurer, and two or four elected trustees. The entire state is covered by township governments except for areas within cities. 

The 275 cities in Michigan are independent of MCDs and serve as 293 county subdivisions.  Cities are incorporated places and governed by home rule.  When established, the geographic area of a city is removed from the township(s) of which it may have been a part. 

In addition, there are 40 undefined MCDs that are water area only.

Subdivisions in Houghton County

Subdivisions that are also Incorporated Places have an asterisk(*) and the link takes you to the Community Profile for the Incorporated Place.